Residents at Wallside Grange Care Home in Falkirk enjoying a pet therapy session via Zoom.

Residents at Care Home In Falkirk Enjoy Virtual Pet Therapy

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, residents at Wallside Grange Care Home in Falkirk have been able to join in their regular pet therapy sessions using video calls.

Usually, residents would be visited by the Bunny & Co petting zoo, however, due to the coronavirus lockdown and visiting restrictions at the home, alternative arrangements had to be made.

Studies show that spending time with animals has a number of positive effects on people’s wellbeing, helping to lower blood pressure and to increase serotonin, making people feel happier. Animals also help to provide great stimulation and comfort, helping to lower levels of anxiety of those that engage with the animals during pet therapy sessions.

Even though the animals were unable to visit the home, residents were delighted that they were able to virtually catch up with some of the favourite furry friends.

Catching Up With Furry Friends

Myra Alexander, resident at Wallside Grange care home, said: “We have missed being able to cuddle and pet the animals. It has been lovely to catch up with them on screen.”

Ian Cameron, deputy home manager at Wallside Grange, added: “We have been thrilled to be able to put this in place for our residents. We can’t wait until we can welcome them back into the home.”

At Wallside Grange Care Home in Falkirk, we have a tailor-made activity programme. This is designed to help our residents engage with different pastimes and experiences. Our programme is not only designed to help our residents share their personal memories with each other but also to create new ones together. From pet therapy to bingo evenings, there is always something to look forward to at Wallside Grange.

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