Wallside Grange Care Home's visiting herd of deer playing in the snow in the home's grounds.

A Stunning Winter Scene at Falkirk Care Home

Residents have woken up to a stunning winter scene at Falkirk-based care home Wallside Grange.

The care home in the suburb of Tamfourhill is set in vast and beautiful leafy grounds and is surrounded by enchanting woodland. As you can imagine, during winter snowfall the home’s surroundings are turned into a winter wonderland.

To add to the magic, the snow is almost guaranteed to bring out Wallside Grange’s visiting herd of deer. Believed to be a mother, father and 4 young, they have been spotted regularly in the grounds over the winter months. Often, they delight the Wallside Grange residents by coming right up to the lounge windows to say hello.

This year, the four young deer have been affectionately named ‘Tom’, ‘Dick’, ‘Harry’ and ‘Rory’ by the Wallside Grange family!

We All Get Excited By Snowy Weather!

Melanie Bundy, home manager of Wallside Grange, said: “Of course everyone loves summer, but here at Wallside we get just as excited by snowy weather! When it snows, we all get a chance to see our family of deer. Mum and dad deer tend to be a bit cheeky and will not move from our car park until they have had a good nosey at the trees. They will not care if you’re in a rush to get somewhere!

“Every year, during winter, our residents watch with anticipation for mum and dad who always return with a new family. Last year we counted three and this year we have counted four young deer who are loving the fruit and carrots we leave at our burn where they like to come for a drink of fresh water.”

Beautiful wildlife can be seen enjoying the picturesque grounds of Wallside Grange all year round, but the winter cohorts really are part of the family. The ubiquitous fox, stealthy badgers and the owls who wake in the late afternoon reminding us it’s nearly dinner time all have a fond place in residents’ hearts.

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