Wallside Grange Care Home residents meet some critters during a ZooLab animal therapy session.

Wallside Grange Care Home Residents’ Tropical Animal Encounter

Residents of Wallside Grange Care Home in Falkirk, have had a taste of life in the rainforest. We have a varied activities programme at the home, with Animal Assisted Therapy sessions a firm favourite. This is where specially trained handlers and their animals visit the home to provide delight, friendship, and fun for participants.

ZooLab is an organisation that offers ethical, hands-on animal encounters to schools, businesses, and care homes across the United Kingdom. Recently, one of the ZooLab Rangers visited Wallside Grange to introduce residents to their ‘Animal Team’.

During a specially designed workshop, participants were taken on a journey through the various layers of the rainforest. Here they met a Corn Snake, a Giant Millipede, and a Gecko. Throughout the workshop, residents were able to get up close and touch the animals if they wanted to, or just sit back and watch from a comfortable distance.

Trying Something New

The session helped residents to try something new and gave them the opportunity to learn more about the creatures and habitats of the rainforest environment. Animal Assisted Therapy sessions can have many benefits for those in care. They can help stimulate and engage participants and are the perfect social occasion to bring people together.

We host a wide range of activities each week at Wallside Grange Care Home. Our Activities Coordinator ensures that there is always something mentally stimulating, physically active, and fun to do.

As with everything we do, our activities and workshops are arranged with your specific requirements and abilities in mind. If you are unable to attend group sessions, such as animal therapy workshops, we are often able to organise for them to visit you in the comfort of your own room.

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