Team at Falkirk-based Wallside Grange Care Home take delivery of their new minibus

Falkirk Care Home Residents Get New Wheels

The residents of Falkirk-based care home, Wallside Grange, are looking forward to new possibilities thanks to their new minibus. 

The team at the home in Tamfourhill recently took delivery of their shiny new mode of transport and cannot wait to start planning day trips when it is safe to do so. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the Wallside residents enjoyed regular day trips and tours of the local area in their existing minibus. However, it became obvious that their much-loved bus was running out of miles and needed an upgrade.

A new vehicle was acquired, but due to the pandemic, delivery was delayed by several months. Finally, the delivery day came, and the new minibus was greeted with a great deal of excitement.

Melanie Bundy, home manager of Wallside Grange, said; “Our previous minibus was used daily, and we were sad when it started to struggle. We were all excited when we saw photos of our new bus. But now its finally here, we have to be honest, it’s even better in person!”

Planning their First Road Trips

Melanie added; “Residents and staff have already named the new minibus ‘Wally’ and are already planning a trip to circle the Wallace monument in Stirling. With a visit to the Forth Bridge next on the list when it is safe for us to do so.”

The team at the home have been working hard over the last few months to keep life as normal as possible for residents. While they have not been able to welcome local groups and organisations into the home for activities, they have found new ways of keeping everyone entertained. For instance, the residents’ much-loved pet therapy sessions have continued virtually via video call.

Although video calls have proved invaluable in our new normal, the residents and team are very much looking forward to getting out in their new minibus to explore in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future!

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